Aodhnait (pronounced Ena) from Dublin has been involved in gymnastics from childhood and coached all ages for many years. Gymnastics gave her an understanding of how the body moves and works, and the benefits of a strong body and mind. Aodhnait trained as a childrens and adults nurse in UCD. Although having learnt a great deal from her nursing training.

Since leaving nursing, Aodhnait has travelled the world spending the best part of a year in New Zealand where she discovered the wonders of Pilates and her love for a healthy and active lifestyle. Aodhnait really enjoys baking homemade healthier alternatives to processed sugar-filled treats. She believes that life is all about balance, and loves eating delicious, healthy food and leading an active fun-filled life.

Aodhnait is Stotts Pilates trained. She believes that whilst there is no doubt that Pilates helps build strength and flexibility, it can also help to enhance how we move day to day, how we feel and our general well-being. Aodhnait’s aim is to help people reach their goals, gain confidence and have fun in her class.