Derek’s movement and physicality practice have its roots firmly planted in over a decade of dance, yoga and pilates. After completing three years of Ballet and Contemporary Dance at the John Reagan college of dance, Derek decided to travel to Rishikesh, India to study yoga at the Yog Peeth Yoga School. Upon his return to Ireland, he began teaching yoga and then soon after Pilates. He has most recently completed his Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Training, a course with a focus on one to one rehab and healing through movement. All of his self-practise and training has helped develop his knowledge of and commitment to, the complexities of the human body and fostered a full-time dedication to the understanding of it.

Derek has a passion for working closely with clients, striving for each and every one of them to feel comfortable with both their body and mind. He wishes to inspire the individual capability of his clients, drawing on a range of knowledge from his extensive background which is increasingly invigorated by the healing power of having both a balance of strength and flexibility in one’s journey. Derek is currently volunteering with the National Rehabilitation Hospital, gaining an insight into the world of physical rehabilitation in preparation for his forthcoming study of physiotherapy. It is from his wealth of experience in the vast capability of the human body that has enabled him to foster and encourage self-healing within his students.

Derek understands how integral yoga is to our everyday experience, bringing focus and stability to each individual’s practice, encouraging his students to always be building on what they are learning in the studio. In attending Derek’s class, the focus will be on improving your practice in a way that will both challenge and support your mentality and physicality.