Ella is a trained ballet dancer (ISTD) with 20 years’ experience. She completed STOTT Total Barre to allow her to share her interest in movement. A keen sportsperson, she appreciates how Barre exercises complement all sports, strengthening core muscle groups, improving flexibility and developing controlled movement.

Not only did Ella grow up with classical ballet, but she played a multitude of sports, including tennis, hockey, soccer and athletics. She experienced early on how ballet-based movement enhances performance in other sports. Strengthening your quads, calf muscles and hamstrings through Barre exercises is particularly advantageous to quick changes in direction, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Ella’s classes are fun and energetic, with a strong cardio effect. She motivates her clients to challenge themselves and celebrate their bodies’ capabilities – from strengthening and toning core muscle groups, increasing flexibility, improving movement control and weight transfer, and stretching the brain to focus on sequences that work different muscles (and parts of the cerebrum) simultaneously!