From an early age, Gigi has always had a flair for dance and fitness which has led to her strong passion for healthy living. For many years she trained as a dancer in both Ireland and the UK, where Pilates was taught as part of her curriculum, and her interest in the Method was sparked. It wasn’t until Gigi moved to Australia that her passion for Pilates led her to become a certified Pilates instructor. Gigi is now a Polestar Pilates instructor and mentor with a full studio comprehensive certification, a ballet barre instructor, a member of The Pilates Method Alliance and is now furthering her education in neuromuscular therapy. 

Gigi loves to inspire others to find the same motivation and enthusiasm for Pilates movement as she has. Her classes create a balanced, well­-rounded workout that increases energy, improves body awareness with a keen awareness of alignment and breath.  

"I don’t believe people should do Pilates to be good at it, I believe people should use it as part of their body conditioning to assist them with everyday life. Pilates enables people to improve body awareness and flexibility, providing a stable and controlled core to avoid common pathologies such as lower back and hip pain that most people living a sedentary lifestyle have!"