Grace's Yoga journey began over ten years ago and it's been a whirlwind of a rollercoaster ever since. A keen observer at the best of times, she has both experienced and witnessed firsthand the amazing benefits of her practice. She completed her Bikram yoga teacher training in 2013.

Grace found Yin Yoga while teaching in New Zealand and immediately discovered a practice that would challenge her in all the right ways. She trained with Mysan Sidbo (assistant teacher to Paul Grilley) in June 2014 in Bali and in November 2015 with Sarah Powers in Sydney, Australia.

Grace's own personal approach to Yin Yoga is a perfect marriage of anatomy and awareness. While firmly rooted in functional Yoga with particular attention paid to skeletal and anatomical variations, her teaching is infused with mindfulness techniques, which can be focused to prepare the student for meditation.

In addition to Yoga teaching, Grace is a secondary school teacher of French and Music. Preparing playlists for her Yin classes is something she devotes a ridiculous amount of time to and she hopes your Yin Yoga class will be a beautiful aural experience too.

Outside of the classroom and the Yoga studio you can find Grace at the piano, singing, taking photos, in Paris, or off on another travelling adventure. She tends not to stay in the one place for too long if she can help it but creates a time and place for stillness wherever she is.