Hannah Buckley

Hannah is an experienced dancer having trained at California State Universtiy in Los Angeles and Trisha Browne's Dance Company in New York. Hannah holds a BA in the Performing Arts from the University of Limerick and a Postgraduate Degree from Copenhagen Contemporary Dance College. 

Pilates, Yoga and other somatic practices were an integral part of Hannah's dance training and experiencing the positive impact these methods had on her strength, posture and flexibility at an early age she was keen to develop her skills further. She took further classes and workshops during her travels in New York, Los Angeles and Denmark and is a STOTT-certified Pilates, Barre and Youth Yoga Instructor. 

Hannah's classes are reflective of her dance background in which an essence of flow and grace are encouraged. Her classes work on improving mobility, finding the balance between strengthening and lengthening muscles, centering the mind and body and improving postural imbalances to help use our bodies more efficiently.