Originally from Brazil, Isabella is a Certified 500 hours Yoga Instructor since 2006 having come from a corporate background with over ten years of experience in corporate events management. Today, Bella teaches yoga to inspire people to connect with themselves, to always hold a safe space for their practice and to provide them with support to help reduce stress levels, to unify their breath, movement, and mind, to allow self-knowledge to rise so people can navigate through life at more ease and find a better and more supported way of living. 

Along with her extended knowledge in events management, Bella also organizes her own Yoga Retreats and loves to be able to connect both her passion for yoga and events in her life. So stay connected for her regular yoga classes as well as other yoga events she will be running at the back of her hand. 


What to expect in Bella’s class

 Bella's yoga teaching style is Hatha Flow and is committed to bringing a strong focus into stability and flow work for all levels into meditation and asanas whilst at the same time tapping into mindfulness and pranayama. Classes will always be opened with breathwork and rooted stability work with the feet followed by core warm-up to ensure the body is strong from head to toe in order to move more dynamically afterwards with a mix of strong and flexible Hatha Yoga sequence, and finally close with a guided relaxation in Savasana. Bella will guide you through her classes with variations of yoga poses according to your level and will guide you to always stay connected with your breath, your body, and your thoughts whilst introducing subtle adjustments.

 Certified with 500 hours in Hatha Yoga, Bella teaches Hatha Flow, Pregnancy Yoga, Mom & Baby, Yin, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga Nidra along with workshops to introduce Bhakti Yoga with the beautiful chants of mantras.