Viv, a 200RYT, 500RYT certified yoga instructor, has practised Yoga for many years. Having fallen in love with Yoga in Vietnam, she trained to become a teacher in Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga, before coming to Dublin to share her passion.
Through her years of practising Yoga, she has discovered the importance of connecting one’s breath with every movement in Yoga practice. The benefits that this focus brings include increased stability, muscle endurance, balance and even the combination of strength and lightness in advanced asanas. Thus, in her class, she offers powerful Vinyasa with a focus on mindful movement to align the body, breath and mind. A firm believer that there is no one solution for everyone in yoga and one’s practise should be tailored to their ability and range of motion; she offers a variety of options for poses with differing degrees of difficulty in her classes. Viv creates a friendly, peaceful environment in her Yoga class by making Yoga down to earth and accessible for everyone.