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“ Take me to the places on the earth that teaches you how to dance, the places where you can risk letting the world breaking your heart. And I will take you to the places where the earth beneath my feet and the stars overhead make my heart whole and whole again”                                                                     - Oriah Mountain Dreamer

                                       Brigid Sheahan Yoga Instructor  Brigid Sheahan Yoga Instructor


I first came to Hawaii 4 years ago and left a little piece of my heart here. From white sandy beaches, emerald blue water and palm trees under tranquil skies to the rugged, black shoulders of volcanoes, sunsets at Haleakala crater, its beauty took my breath away.

Brochures of Yoga Teacher Trainings caught my eye on shop windows and I had a strange contented feeling that I would be back . And here I am, on week 5 of my Advanced Teacher Training in Maui, soaking every bit of this magical island that I possibly can.

“What makes you happy?” My Meditation teacher asks me as she beckons me to the top of the room to answer and elaborate. “Feeling free” I answer without thought or hesitation.

“Freedom from self limiting beliefs and self doubt, freedom from social constraints and allowing myself to live out my true goals".

Yoga has taken me on a journey I could of never dreamed of. Practising Yoga has given me freedom in the body to move in a way that has unconsciously yet effectively also helped free my mind. It is incredibly empowering to challenge our bodies and deepen our practise. I strongly believe our Yoga practice mirrors our lives off the mat. Finding freedom in your body by building strength and flexibility can empower us to be more flexible and free in our lives outside the studio.


                                           Brigid Sheahan Yoga Instructor  Brigid Sheahan Yoga Instructor


The Maui way of living is embodied in freedom. People here are whatever they want to be with no judgement. They walk barefoot around town, wear shells in their beards, all while expressing their aloha spirit which is essentially ‘sharing joy, peace and compassion’.

I've met the most amazing people here. One thing that strikes me in conversations is they don't seem interested in big career goals or ‘5 year plans’. It's not that they have no motivation to be successful, it's just their definition of success is different. They are much more content and really live in the present moment.

I've been truly blessed with my phenomenal teachers with a wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the scared practice of Yoga. I have developed a strong interest and knowledge in functional anatomy and alignment based Yoga along with working with individuals to find the freedom in their bodies, be it someone with a health condition, old injuries, trauma or anything else life throws at us.

So I'm coming back with the aloha spirit in my heart. I invite you to meet me at your mat and come just as you are  🙏

- by Brigid Sheahan, Ashtanga & Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, starting in Oslo Health mid-November.

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