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Interview with Pamela Renwick

Heading up OSLO Health, is the wonderful Pamela Renwick. Whether you’re a yoga virgin, an avid yogi or you’re not quite sure of the difference between Pilates and Yoga but are eager to try both, here’s everything you need to know, straight from the expert.


I’m a total newbie, is that okay?

Absolutely. Come, take part, rest when you need to rest and join back in when you can. We understand how daunting it can be coming into a class but we promise to make you feel welcome and we promise to look after you! We have beginners classes, one to one sessions and gentle rehabilitation classes if that’s what you need. We will also be running weekend workshops. The aim of the workshops is to introduce our clients to new systems or deepen their practice. Keep an eye on the website for more information on upcoming workshops.


Pilates and Yoga are always spoken of together, but how do they differ?

In a nutshell, yoga means "union with life". Yoga is a combination of movement, breathing, balance and mindfulness. Yoga is done on a mat and props can be used, such as bolsters, chairs and straps. Over the years yoga has evolved and diversified. There are so many different types of yoga from mindful Yin yoga to powerful Ashtanga. At OSLO Health we offer a wide range of classes to suit everyone. Our website gives a detailed description of the types of yoga we do and we've even rated the classes from gentle to hard-core so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Pilates, like yoga, is a movement with emphasis on posture, breath and core muscle. Core muscles are essential in Pilates to allow the rest of the body to move freely. A lot of people start Pilates because of an injury, sore back or postural issues, and like me, get hooked! Pilates uses props and weights (your own body being your biggest resistance weight). We've taken our Pilates classes a step further and added cardio. The OSLO Method is a unique class combining cardio, resistance and strength training, barre and yoga. It's a complete 360 workout for the body. Prepare to sweat and burn calories. For your convenience, we’ve added a 45 minute express class so you can get your sweat on before work or at your lunch break.  


What if I’m not sure what class will suit me?

Before you decide what class suits you best, you need to ask yourself what you are looking for from a class. Are you looking for cardio? Meditation? Stress-buster? A little bit of everything? We have everything to suit your needs. Read up on the class descriptions before you make your choice. The best way to do it is try out a few classes and see what you prefer. If you need to tone up and lose weight try a high intensity class such as the OSLO Method, barre or ashtanga yoga. IF you’re still not sure pop in and have a chat with one of our instructors and they’ll help you find a class to suit your needs.

How many times per week is adequate?

You always hear things like “In 10 sessions you’ll see the difference, in 20 you’ll feel the difference, in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.” Honestly, twice per week, 3 if you can, it really will make a difference. We understand that this is difficult with our busy lives to take the time out to exercise, if you can only get to one class a week talk to our instructors about home practise. If you come for a one to one session our team will work out a home practise programme with you… so there is NO excuse!


Can I do several kinds of exercises in tandem?

This is the ideal situation. I can honestly say I love practising pilates and yoga equally. No two classes need to be the same. It’s good to keep the body (and mind) guessing. Personally, in my own practise yoga helps to calm my mind while stretching and strengthening my body. Pilates instantly improves my posture and body awareness. In fact, pilates has improved my yoga!      


I’m an avid yogi, will I be challenged?

YES YES YES avid yogis welcome! We have some of the best yoga teachers in the country, our instructors travel the world learning and developing their skills. At the moment we have teachers in New York and Hawaii training, another teacher is off to India for November to immerse herself in a full month’s training. We mean business.


Finding the time?

We all know that feeling of “ahhh I’m too tired today, I had a bad night sleep”. Our mind is the hardest thing to overcome, we could all find 100 reasons why we should stay in bed and miss class or stay in the office but I urge you to make the time and go to your class. Exercise makes us feel better in every way. It is scientifically proven to improve overall well being, health and our mental state. Mental health awareness day was October 10th and I think it’s really important to remember to take time out to look after ourselves. A class can help divide your work and home life, what better way to shake off a hectic day than a class. Starting your day with a session will help focus your mind, clear the cobwebs and make you feel confident. I’m a busy mum with 4 kids and exercise is my sanity. No matter how I feel going into a class, I come out feeling happier, healthier and more energised!


Free trial!

Next Thursday and Friday we are having an open house and we’d love you to pop in, try a class (free of charge) or sample our delicious salads and smoothies. Check out the website for times and bookings. If you don’t have time to stay for a class, call in anyway and see our STUNNING studio!



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