What is Restorative Yoga?


The aim of restorative yoga is to take the practitioner to a place of deep relaxation. Ample use is made of props to provide a completely supportive environment adapted to the individual body. 


The more stressful our lifestyles have become, the more relevant restorative yoga is. Primarily because it takes us from the modern default fight-or-flight mode and evokes the relaxation response in the body. Restorative yoga stimulates the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, our “rest and digest” mode.


What are the Benefits?


When stressed the body inhibits the functioning of the systems it deems not to be of priority in that given moment from digestion to elimination, growth, repair and reproduction. Prolonged, or chronic stress, therefore has serious implications for the body’s functioning. 


In contrast to this, the activation of a relaxation response during restorative yoga triggers a host of benefits in the body including:


·     Rebalancing of mind and body

·     Lowering blood pressure

·     Counteracting the effect of chronic stress 

·     Promoting deeper sleep

·     Aiding recovery and healing in the body


Is it for me?


Restorative yoga can appeal for different reasons. If you lead a busy life with a relatively high level of daily stress, restorative yoga can help you to find a more relaxed, slower pace and to tune in to your body. If you’ve recently experienced illness or injury restorative yoga can reintroduce movement into your life. If you’re interested in self-care but are unsure of where to begin perhaps start with a restorative yoga class!


What to expect in an OSLO Restorative Yoga class


Low lighting creates a calm ambience for the class. At the beginning of class, you will be provided with ample props to ensure maximum comfort. Class opens with grounding exercises to enable you to tune in to your body and find a relaxed state. You will be guided through a series of postures designed to promote deep relaxation. Transitioning between poses is done with care to maintain your relaxed state. Time is taken to set up each pose and to adjust your props. You will be assisted individually to ensure the most restful position for your unique body. The class will close with a generous Shavasana. 


Be mindful of what you engage in after class. To maximise your state of relaxation avoid overly stimulating activities and technology and get an early night!

About the author

Gráinne holds degrees in Business and Psychology. Alongside a career in business, and later in arts education, she developed a strong interest in wellness. This led her to train as a Yoga Teacher (Rishikesh, India) and Barre instructor (Barreworks, UK). Having danced recreationally since childhood, she discovered barre as an ideal way to keep fit and gain strength while enjoying great music. 

Aligning with her background in Psychology, Gráinne views yoga as a facilitator of mind-body integration. She believes in the profound impact that regular practice on the mat has on your life outside the studio, and general health. 

She creates welcoming and accessible class environments, attuned to individual experience levels, with a body-positive ethos. Gráinne loves learning and continually infuses her classes with new knowledge.

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