“You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour”

Old Zen Saying

“Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety nor doubt”

Francis De Sales



Let’s face it, we live in busy times, we spend our days racing to the next task, project, relationship, job or even party. We’ve turned from human beings into human “do-ers.” What would it be like if we could PAUSE… Breathe… and dance in the moment… It is in that very moment we give ourselves the precious gift of time, time out from doing…time to simply be…. Timeout to access our Exceptional Selves!!

At OSLO Health we have created a space for you to Escape. A sanctuary of tranquillity, a warm space where soft candles glow, cosy blankets await and peaceful vibes flow. A place free of expectation, stress or judgment. During our 30-minute meditation sessions, you will gently be guided through breathing techniques, guided meditations, and focused meditations. Our expert mentors will encourage you to access the tools that will help you learn the art of meditation. Our sessions are open to everyone, whether you are practised in the art of meditation or simply curious, we invite you to share this space with us.  

What is Meditation?

“The goal of meditation is Not to get rid of Thoughts or Emotions. The Goal is to become more AWARE of your Thoughts and Emotions and learn how to Move through them without getting Stuck.”


Meditation is a practice where a person uses a technique such as focusing on an object, breath, expression or thought (mantra)to achieve a state of calmness, clarity and peace. Meditation is when the mind is calm and silent, allowing us to access a state of deep peace.

Meditation may be used to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, stress, depression or simply personal growth. Meditation can help increase awareness, peace, a sense of calm and overall well being.