Warm Yoga Flow

Flow and restore; with our studio heated to 27 degrees, this class is carefully curated to further warm the muscles, allowing you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility. Classes include deep stretching, balances, deep core strengthening, floor work and guided relaxation to release layers of tension and tightness. With a focus on correct postural alignment, each class brings creative sequencing and a dynamic flow of movements that are personalised to offer variations for each individual's body and limits.  

Hot Yoga

Similar in style to Vinyasa Flow, but in an environment heated to 30 degrees, Hot Yoga builds strength and flexibility throughout the body. Utilising the natural benefits of heat to loosen the muscles, Hot Yoga allows you to push deeper into each movement and pose in a safe environment. The increased heart rate caused from practising in the heat encourages your body to work harder, and uses your breath to keep you grounded as you challenge your body. 


Hot Power Yoga 

Hot Power Yoga is practised at a temperature between 30 - 35 degrees, deeply cleansing and detoxifying your system as your body releases impurities. Vinyasa in style, classes include a flowing sequence of dynamic and creative postures. As you work through your series of movements, you will feel heat and energy building and moving all around you. Feel your breath deepen, joints release and muscles lengthen while developing strength, flexibility, focus and mental clarity. Hot Power Yoga allows you to develop the inner and outer power to be fully present in both your body and your mind. Prepare to be challenged and yet leave feeling completely relaxed after a blissful Savasana at the end of class. 



For all Warm and Hot Yoga Classes a Yoga Towel is required. Please drink plenty of water before class and during class if needed.