OSLO Health 4 Day Christmas Challenge with James Hale


When you only have 4 days to get ready for the new year this is the workout you need. A fast paced class that uses high intensity, athletic interval training designed to mobilise, strengthen and tone. Over the 4 days we HIIT everything with each day split into a different muscle group that gives you enough time to recover in between. However, don’t worry if you cant do all 4 days - just pick the class that suits your “preferred target area”. 


27th Whole Body 12 noon (55 mins). Book Online

Kick start the four day challenge with an all over body workout like you’ve never experienced before.


28th Legs and Butt 12 noon (55 mins). Book Online

Sitting is the new smoking and you’ve done too much over Christmas. Be prepared to fear the stairs with this legs and butt focused workout and this is only day 2.


29th Chest, Back and Abs 12 noon (55 mins). Book Online

They say never skip leg day but after yesterday your lower body will need a rest but that means it’s the tops turn.  


30th Abs 12 noon (55 mins). Book Online

High intensity Ab work with not a simple sit up or static plank in sight.