OSLO Health 4 Day Christmas Challenge with James Hale


When you only have 4 days to get ready for the new year this is the workout you need. A fast-paced class that uses high intensity, athletic interval training designed to mobilise, strengthen and tone. Over the 4 days we HIIT everything with each day split into a different muscle group this gives you enough time to recover in between. However, don’t worry if you cant do all 4 days just pick the class that suits your “preferred target area”


27th | Whole Body Xtended Boot | 10am   Book Online

Kickstart the four-day challenge with an all over body workout like you’ve never experienced before. More Rounds higher intensity, a great way to start the challenge. Book Online


28th | Legs and Butt BARRE | 10am  Book Online

Get that booty shaking with this serious Legs and Booty Barre class, using weights sliders and small balls.


29th | Total Body Strength & Conditioning | 13:30 Book Online

More focused strength than a regular Bootcamp, we use no of reps, timing targets and HIIT principles to build strength and increase the bodies metabolism.


30th | Finishing Flow and mindful mobility | 09am Book Online

After 3 days of high-intensity classes, you’ll need a good stretch and unwind to help take the best version of you into the new year.


Complete the full 4 day challenge & receive a free OSLO health Yoga bag!

The Challenge runs as a regular class so you can use your monthly pass, bundle or drop in to attend! Just book online or via our app!