To compliment your post workout recovery, we have sourced the most natural, organic protein on the market. OSLO Health protein (available in Whey & Vegan) is available to purchase & is perfect post workout.

This amazing Organic protein is priced at €35

The Proper Food Project is a mission to create affordable products that are conscious of the environment, society and the consumer. We believe that the three are intrinsically linked and a modern company like ours has a moral responsibility to these three things.

How we do this:

  • The ingredients we use are grown without the use of any chemicals whatsoever and our products contain no preservatives or nastiness of any kind. What you see is exactly what you get!
  • We ensure that there is nothing confusing on our labelling packaging – no fuss, just real ingredients
  • Our recipes are created by chefs and approves by nutritionists. 

The Proper Ethos “Organic doesn’t cost the Earth” means exactly that; Organic food respects our planet and the communities in them… and we do too!

About our Protein

Whey Protein

The Whey Protein is Made in Germany from Organic Grass-fed cows, that are free to roam all year round. Therefore there are absolutely no chemicals, preservatives or refined sugars whatsoever in any of our protein products.


  • Plain, Unflavoured 100% Organic Whey
  • Dark Chocolate: Contains Raw Cacao powder & Coconut Nectar
  • Coconut & Superfruit: Dessicated coconut with a blend of 19 energising and antioxidant super fruit from Sea Buckthorn to Açai (Full ingredients list on back of packet)
  • Vanilla Chai Latte – A Proper Food secret recipe and a real comfort shake. Perfectly spiced with a mixture of cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and more and sweetened with a little bit of Coconut Sugar.

Vegan Protein

A 50/50 split of Organic Rice and Pea protein to give you a 74% Protein hit. When Combining Rice and Pea you get a higher protein count and a complete amino acid profile.


  • Plain - Unflavoured. Has a more earthy taste, tastes good when combined with more acidic, fruity smoothies. Wouldn’t recommend drinking on it’s own unless you don’t mind the taste!
  • Chocolate – A mixture of Organic Raw cacao, coconut nectar and a tiny bit of Himalayan pink salt
  • Mocha – Raw Organic Cacao and Organic Coffee sourced from Ghana, for the caffeine hit!
  • Vanilla Superfruit – Organic Madagascan vanilla with a blend of highly antioxidant superfruits