Pamela Renwick, James Hale, Andi Vard & Andrea McGee

We understand how daunting it can be to motivate yourself to start something new. Our team have answered your questions below to help prepare you for this ‘kick Ass class’.

What is Bootcamp?

James: Bootcamp revs up your metabolism, torches fat and gets you fitter by building strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. The interval set up is designed to use the principles of metabolic conditioning – using big muscle groups, set time of effort/rest, keeping the heart rate up and using peripheral heart rate action to maintain intensity but changing working muscle groups – essentially upper body, lower body, and core. A mixture of equipment and bodyweight exercises with bursts of plyo will keep heart rate high, allowing us to constantly switch up the exercise week on week. This will keep the body guessing in our boutique studio.

What should I wear?

Pamela: We spend a lot of time moving in this class. We recommend CLEAN runners & light active wear. This session will be sweaty so bring a change of clothes & avail of the complimentary showers. Hydrate well before, during & after class. We have complimentary filtered water for your convenience.

Who should come to this class?

James: This Class is for those that want to work hard. We want you to leave dripping with sweat and your legs shaking… so you know you’ve worked as hard as possible. Don’t worry, we’ve designed this class to be suitable for all fitness levels -all our instructors will push you to achieve your goals.

Still I’m worried, I haven’t worked out in years?

Pamela: Our mantra is “Listen to your body and rest when you need to. Know the difference between hurting your body and working your body. If something is “hurting” we need to know so we can offer you a modification”

I really believe in this advice. Talk to us before the class, tell us your concerns & we’ll work with you to set personal goals. Realistically you will need to rest a little during your first few sessions but that’s ok. We promise if you commit, so will we!

What equipment do you use and why?

James: We use your body, free weights, kettle bells, sandbags, plyometric boxes and Rip60 suspension trainers to create hundreds of possible combinations of exercises for each class so you’ll never get bored.

What is your personal boot camp experience?

James: I love the format of the class, being able to change the combination of exercises and timings and set up of intervals. I love being able to put my head down and give it all I’ve got. I’ve never come across another style of workout that works me so hard.

Andrea: As a busy mum I want results and I don’t have lots of time, so this is ideal. As a young mum, life can throw all sorts at you so you need to equip yourself with a strong mind as well as a place to go to blow off some steam. For me, Bootcamp is a place where we meet to move our bodies, pushing ourselves to our limits together to see what our bodies are truly capable of! Our kicking tunes will keep you motivated.

Teamed with a good healthy eating plan you will shred fat, build muscle, become mentally capable to deal with whatever life throws at you, it’s the ultimate destresser!!

Should I eat a protein source before or after bootcamp class?

Andi: A healthy diet is key to achieving your desired body composition goals. Protein intake is particularly important when aiming to increase muscle tone and mass. It is best to consume a protein source post workout to aid in muscle recovery and growth. When consuming protein, it is advised to take it in combination with a carbohydrate source to ensure your muscles absorb the nutrient quickly. Our Oslo Health Organic protein powder is the perfect combination of premium quality whey or vegan protein mixed with organic coconut sugar and natural flavourings. The best time to take it is within a 30-minute window post exercise to ensure your muscles refuel and repair efficiently.  

Should I continue with my other classes?

Andrea: It’s the perfect session to compliment your Pilates/Yoga class! 

If your feeling sore or stiff post bootcamp, Pilates and Yoga can help speed up your recovery time!