Advanced Functional Flow

Saturday June 30th, 3-4.30 with James Hale

 We will combine the basic principals of functional movement with full body exercises to create a dynamic 90 minute flow. These creative combinations will challenge your bodies ability to move over several joints and across multiple planes.

This workshop will target the core while maximising functional movement patterns to restore whole body strength, agility, flexibility and coordination.

Advance your Yoga and Pilates practice, add a fresh flair to classical exercises and spice up your movement repertoire. Learn to become mindful with your movement, connect your breathe and achieve greater overall body awareness.

This workshop is suitable for both yoga and pilates clients. All levels are welcome, though the workshop will be aimed to an intermediate / advanced level so prepared to be challenged, feel the burn and take your practice to the next level.

Investment is €20 per person, with towels, refreshments and changing facilities available.