"Happy Hips Yoga Workshop"                           

Saturday, September 9th, from 2.00-4.00pm with Sinead Dunne.

On September 9th join Sinead for an indulgent 2 hours of hip heaven ....  make your hips happy. 

During this workshop we will fully explore the hip area by activating the deeper layers of the hip joint while simultaneously releasing the areas that are tight.

Moving slowly through an initial warm up of the lower back, leg and hip area… we will then break down some frequently used poses and gradually work up to a flow.

Given the fact that fluid hip mobility is key to many yoga positions this will not only help you move deeper in your everyday yoga practice but will also relieve any pain in the surrounding areas of the lower back and knees.

€30 per person, with towels, mats, changing rooms and refreshments provided.

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Come get acquainted with this 5,000-year-old practice and discover for yourself how Yoga brings balance, ease, and joy to your life. The practice of Yoga enhances strength and flexibility while decreasing stress and increasing vitality.

Please Note: To attend this workshop, please purchase the pricing option "Happy Hips Workshop with Sinead Dunne" and then sign in to the workshop on the schedule.