"An Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Part 2"                          

Further explore the sacred practice of Ashtanga Yoga. 

Saturday, October 21st, from 2.00 - 4.30pm with Brigid Sheahan.

During the first instalment of our "Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga" series, we touch on the philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga and guide you through the primary series. 

Building on from our Part 1 workshop, we explore how the series is so intelligently designed to progressively strengthen and open up the body. Starting with the full primary series, we will recap on methods explored in Part 1. Over the course of the workshop, we will learn how to float forwards and backwards to create an amazing strength. This technique will bring your practice to another level.

We will focus on engaging bandhas (internal muscular locks) and building deep core strength to help you float lighter. To complete the session, we'll move through some pranayama breathing techniques before ending with a Q & A session.

Prepare to be challenged and leave feeling lighter.

€30 per person, with towels, mats, changing rooms and refreshments provided.

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Come get acquainted with this 5,000-year-old practice and discover for yourself how Yoga brings balance, ease, and joy to your life. The practice of Yoga enhances strength and flexibility while decreasing stress and increasing vitality.

Please Note: To attend this workshop, please purchase the pricing option "Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga Part 2 with Brigid Sheahan" and then sign into the workshop on the schedule.