"Lower Back Pain Workshop" with Human Centred Movement

Do you suffer with ongoing lower back pain?

Do you sit for long periods of time?

Would you like to increase your movement capabilities?

Human Centred Movement's innovative techniques will empower you with lifestyle changes and mobility techniques to resolve your lower back pain. 

Who are Human Centred Movement?

Human Centred Movement is a local company, made up of movement experts Hugh Byrne (BSc and MSc Physiotherapy), Chris Coburn (PT and Strength and Conditioning Coach) and Mark McGroarty (BSc Sports Science, MSc Injury Prevention). Hugh, Chris and mark have combined their vast knowledge and varied experience in their areas of expertise to specialise in the prevention and treatment of injuries. 

Human Centred Movement offer innovative techniques that are grounded in exercise and sports science and focused on fixing posture related issues, resolving pain and preventing injury. They have designed classes that are a modern alternative to Pilates and Yoga, focused purely on rectifying the muscle tissue pain, tightness and weakness that all of us experience due to our sedentary lifestyles. 

What is involved in the workshop?

This two-hour workshop will focus on resolving non descriptive low back pain, in particular chronic low back pain that has gone un-diagnosed. This will involve learning innovative techniques of self care that will involve - Correct Breathing Mechanics, Deep Tissue Trigger Point Release, Active Flexibility Work, Postural Correction Exercises and Core Strength Exercises.

The workshop will contain simple lifestyle hacks, ideal to incorporate into your everyday life, that are designed specifically to reduce the effect of low back pain.

€40 per person, with towels, refreshments and changing facilities available. 

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