"Release, Relax and Unwind"                          

Saturday, October 28th, from 2.00 - 4.00pm with James Hale and Hazel O'Sullivan.

A Yin and Yang Yoga fusion, giving you time to explore each pose, deepen your practice and nourish your body.

The instructors, James and Hazel, will guide you through the class, starting with a warming vinyasa flow and moving into a yin style sequence.

With the use of bolsters, blankets, blocks, hands on adjustments, gentle massage and soothing essential oils you will finish this session in a deeply relaxed state. 

Together, these techniques will allow your body to open and unwind, so you can truly reap the benefits

€30 per person, with towels, mats, changing rooms and refreshments provided.

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Please Note: To attend this workshop, please purchase the pricing option "Release, Relax and Unwind Workshop" and then sign into the workshop on the schedule.