"Vinyasa Yoga Workshop"                          

Saturday, November 4th, from 2.00 - 4.00pm with Olivia King.

Join Liv for a beautiful liberating, two-hour Vinyasa workshop. Take your practice to new heights. This workshop will teach you those little points you don't have time to pick up in class: learn to access Ujjayi breath, abdominal locks and transitions between postures whilst remaining safe with correct alignment.

This workshop is a must for those new to Vinyasa Yoga and a fantastic refresher for veterans. Liv will help you work out any "sticky" points to reveal a smoother flow. Together we will dive deep to reveal where the unnecessary tension lies in our body, learning to let go and move with fluidity.

€35 per person, with towels, mats, changing rooms and refreshments provided.

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Please Note: To attend this workshop, please purchase the pricing option "Vinyasa Yoga Workshop with Susie Murray" and then sign into the workshop on the schedule.