Yin for Relaxation

A 2-hour workshop for the entire body
Sunday April 8th, 5-7 with Grace Tempany

Sunday evening seems to be the new favourite yin time for Oslo yin yogis, so the Sunday at the end of the Easter holidays will hopefully have some extra appeal!

In this workshop we will be yinning the whole body, from the fingertips to the toes. Blissful neck releases, melting chest-openers, a little TLC for the hip flexors and some yummy side body and leg lengthening.

As always the yin yoga practice brings us into a very mindful state of awareness, and it is from this state that we can truly learn how to relax our bodies, minds, and hearts.

You can expect to float home after your two hours of dreamy yindulgence.​ 

Suitable for everyone, beginners to yoga are more than welcome.

Investment is €30 per person, with towels, refreshments and changing facilities available.